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Keep Your Dental Office Investment Well Tuned

| April 28, 2013

I love my car. Yes, it is old and a bit tired, but it has features that I really like and just can’t seem to find in a new model. My little car, for being a convertible has a large cargo capacity which is great for hauling dental office design boards and it gets 40 mpg. With over 150,000 miles on my little car, though I have to be sure I’m giving it plenty of tender-loving-care so that it will continue to serve me well. Such as getting its oil changed regularly, having a better grade of oil and lubricants used, and putting a better grade of gasoline in its engine.

Now, if you’ve been in your dental office for a while, I’m guessing you’re pretty comfortable there. Most the dentists I know are. They have their routine. They know where things are. Just like my little car, their office has become an old friend. Unfortunately, not everyone sees your office the same way, just as not everyone is as in love with my little car as I am. My friends see worn and tired upholstery where I see, and feel, really comfortable seats still with plenty of lower lumbar support.

Your patients don’t visit your reception area every day. (Do you?) They can’t appreciate that the sofa was your first purchase after opening your own practice. They only see, and feel a piece of furniture that sags in the middle, its cushions have lost their spring, and the upholstery has become threadbare. They see carpeting with worn paths where patients trod every day in and out from getting their exams. They see walls with nicks and bangs from moving chairs, toys, purses, and other things patients and staff have carried into and out of the office over the years. Do these signs of age endear your patients to you and your office the same way they do to you? Hate to break it to you, but probably not.

Rather than the signs of aging turning your office into an old friend, your patients just see a place that has become old and tired. Unfortunately, they often begin asking, “Is my dentist getting old? Is he (or she) keeping up with the latest trends? If the office isn’t being taken care of and updated, how well is he (or she) doing at keeping my teeth in good shape?” So, take a walk through your office and really look around. Where are the opportunities to administer a bit of tender-loving-care and keep your dental office design humming along in good working order? Just as in making sure my car remains in good running shape by taking it to see the mechanic regularly, perhaps it is time to call your dental office design professional and see where a little maintenance can help keep your office design fresh and bringing you the best return on your investment.

Your office is probably the single largest investment in branding and marketing you have. So, don’t neglect this investment. By keeping it “tuned”, your patients will continue to return, year-after-year and continue to refer their friends and family to your practice.

James is a regular lecturer and writer on dental office design, green design, and interior branding and also serves as an Adjunct Instructor in the interior design department at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. With offices in Dallas, Indianapolis, New York, and Wisconsin, James is on the road regularly meeting with clients and speaking with dentists about their design needs.

For more information go to: http://www.KusterDental.com

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