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The Tooth Fairy Partners with Dentists to Promote the Importance of…

| September 2, 2012

Wilmington, NC (PRWEB) August 31, 2012

The Royal Council of Real Fairyland announced today the successful launch of a partnership with hundreds of dentists across the United States, Canada, India and South America who have become Official Real Tooth Fairy Dentists. The award-winning website where these dentists are featured can be viewed at http://www.therealtoothfairies.com.

“Taking children for early oral checkups helps ensure a healthy mouth and a positive attitude toward dentists,” says Marilyn Bollinger, President of The Real Tooth Fairies, LLC. “With the millions of girls who visit our site, The Real Tooth Fairies are in a perfect position to promote the importance of early preventive oral care and to help families find a dentist who brings tooth fairy fun to each visit. It’s a natural partnership that benefits everyone.”

Hundreds of dentists across the United States, Canada, India and South America have been accepted as Official Real Tooth Fairy Dentists. The Real Tooth Fairies have selected dentists who want to fill every visit to their office with the best in care and tooth fairy magic. As part of the program, each dentist office carries the award-winning tooth fairy book series in the dentist’s waiting area. Among other things, the books show where the tooth fairy takes lost teeth and where the tooth fairy lives with vivid tooth fairy pictures. Preview these books about life in the Real Fairyland world at http://www.therealtoothfairies.com/peek-at-books.

“The idea is to create a seamless experience from the Real Tooth Fairies website to an Official Real Tooth Fairies Dentist and back,” Bollinger says. “And along the way, the children are having fun, learning about the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues and staying healthy! You can tell if your dentist is an Official Real Tooth Fairy dentist by the certificate on his or her wall – and that happy twinkle in the dentist’s and dental assistants’ eyes!”

When children finish their dental appointments, they get Official Real Tooth Fairies surprises from their dentist, such as lost tooth boxes and tooth fairy stickers. Families can find an Official Tooth Fairy Dentist near where they live by searching by city or zip code on the tooth fairy website. In each dentist’s profile, one can find the dentist’s ratings by other kids and view his or her Real Dream Tree that shows the dentist’s talents, goals, achievements, and more. To find a dentist now, search here: http://www.therealtoothfairies.com/official-rtf-dentists/search

Earthie families around the world are enjoying the tooth fairy magic that greet s them for every Official Tooth Fairy dentist visit – which makes for a lot of healthy and happy smiles.

About The Real Tooth Fairies

The Real Tooth Fairies are represented to Earthies by the Royal Council of the Real Fairyland, LLC, an entertainment company dedicated to the production of excellence in programming and interactive media, tied to consumer products that inspire imagination, foster creativity, and encourage children to spread kindness and change the world. The Real Tooth Fairies focus on character building through positive role models, the 20 Lost Tooth Virtues, and Every Kindness Counts. In addition, a school kindness program involves students in a 4-week program wherein kids are heroes for kindness in their family, school, and community while supporting a global charity.

Marilyn Bollinger, president of The Real Tooth Fairies, is the author of 30 Disney books and has consulted for LeapFrog, Fisher-Price and other top children’s companies. As a licensed clinical social worker, she practices family and children’s therapy and is leader of parenting workshops. And of course, she’s honored to be the Earth’s ambassador to all things Real Fairyland, where Love is Magic and Every Kindness Counts!

For more information on the Real Tooth Fairies, please contact: Rachel Frankel at 910.509.0565.    

Learn about the Real Tooth Fairies at http://www.TheRealToothFairies.com/guest-services/about-us. Girls can Get Matched to their Tooth Fairy at http://www.TheRealToothFairies.com/registration.

Girls can ask their tooth fairy to fly personalized tooth fairy letters to their pillow at http://www.TheRealToothFairies.com/ask-magic-letters.

Shop for the award-winning books & other treasures at The Real Tooth Fairies Magic Street Shops at https://shop.therealtoothfairies.com/

To spread Kindness in your family today go to http://www.therealtoothfairies.com/kindness.

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