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A Guide To Redesigning A Dental Office

| April 28, 2013

At some point in the course of your practice, you may need to change the layout of your office. For some practitioners, this happens at the early stages of their practice while for others, this reawakening occurs later in life. Nevertheless, there’s a point at which your premises will require some sort of rejuvenation.

Because the redesign of premises is not done on a frequent basis, many practitioners just don’t know how to handle it when need arises. There’s not enough expertise on how to approach this issue as there is on other matters such as placing of composites. It therefore makes sense for a dentist to seek outside help when they want to redesign their places of practice.

There are numerous dental supply companies that would be willing to supply floor plans without any up-front cost. However, these plans tend to be generalized in such a way that they don’t conform to individual preferences. These are only ideal for those who are relocating or practices that are adding new equipment to replace outdated devices. If you’re seeking to re-invigorate your premises, these plans wouldn’t be the solution.

High end designers not only offer better services, but also have the advantage of possessing vast experience. They are renowned for creating image practices for those seeking their services. Here, each step in the entire design process is handled individually. Due to the uniqueness of each project, it can take a considerable amount of time to complete. These services also don’t come cheap and they may as such be out of the reach of small practitioners.

Most practices are normally handled by local architects, rather than these designers. This is because professional architects are in tune with the needs of local doctors. Also, a dentist may be inclined to use a local professional due to the need to adhere to local codes. However, this is the least appropriate method when it comes to design.

It’s practically impossible for an architect without experience in dentistry to help you explore new vantage points. Even those who’ve worked out the physical requirements such as plumbing know little about what would drive the success of a practice. While it could be possible to get something that conforms to local standards, it would risk potential liabilities associated with other codes. The best solution to getting it right when it comes to dental office design would be to consult experts who are well acquainted with the field.

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