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What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

| April 28, 2013

A pediatric dentist is someone who specializes in the oral health of children. These are dedicated professionals who work with kids from infancy through adolescence to ensure the healthy teeth, gums, and mouth of your child. They have advanced training and qualifications that allow them to assess and treat oral conditions throughout the various stages of childhood.

Teeth usually emerge in children during the first 6 months of life; and by age 6 or 7, kids lose their first set of teeth which are eventually replaced by permanent, adult teeth. Though many parents believe that caring for secondary teeth is more important than caring for primary teeth, there are many consequences to improper dental care during the first 6 years of life. Some “baby” teeth, as we often call them, will be in your child’s mouth until age 12. As such, even broken or damaged primary teeth can have a significant impact on your child’s overall health.

Pediatric dentist are usually required to complete 4 years of dental school followed by two additional years of advanced training in dentistry for infants, children, teens, and children with special needs. Moreover, pediatric dentists in Canada must hold a specialty designation from a Provincial Dental Regulatory Authority. The field is focused on providing primary care as well as thorough preventative and therapeutic diagnosis, care, and consultations.

Some examples of care provided by pediatric dentists include:

  • Infant oral health exams including risk assessment to prevent oral health problems.
  • Fluoride treatments and diet and nutrition recommendations as part of a program of preventative dental care.
  • Counseling on pacifier use and thumb sucking.
  • Early assessments on bite and teeth position.
  • Fillings and tooth defect repair.
  • Oral health diagnosis, for example diagnosing conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and hay fever.
  • Oral health management and treatment of gum disease and other oral conditions.
  • Treatment of dental injuries.

Pediatric dentists not only care for your child’s oral health, but they have special skills with respect to how to deal with children. Kids are not just small adults, they have different emotional needs, and they often require added patience and understanding. They not only know how to care for your children’s teeth, but also how to care for your child.

Even though your child’s teeth are not permanent, it is important s/he has regular dental checkups. Regular visits to the dentist help to teach your child important oral health habits that they’ll need for life. More importantly, your pediatric dentist will be able to assess whether the cleaning you do at home is adequate. Pediatric dentists can also quickly identify possible oral health problems and provide proper treatment or preventative techniques. Simply put, a pediatric dentist has the skills needed to work with children to ensure their life-long oral health.

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