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Fixing a Broken or a Chipped Tooth

| April 30, 2013

Tooth enamel is the hardest mineralized tissue in the body. However, it does not mean that it is immune to damage and breaking. Receiving a blow to the face, falling and biting off something hard can lead a tooth to chip or break. Especially, if the tooth has some decay, it can aggravate the condition.

If you find out you have a chipped or broken tooth, do not freak out. Cosmetic dentistry has many options to offer you to fix your problem.

Caring for broken or chipped tooth

If your tooth is chipped, fractured or broken; you need to see your dental surgeon as soon as possible. If you do not pay heed to this, you are likely to cause your tooth to be damaged or infected. Finally, it will result in tooth loss.

Until you see your dentist, you can take up some measures to prevent further tooth damages.

? If there is pain in the damaged tooth area, take over-the-counter pain reliever medicine. Use salt water to rinse your mouth.

? If your broken tooth has sharp edges, cover it with sugar free chewing gum or a piece of wax paraffin. This will protect your tongue, lip and cheek from cutting.

? Eat soft foods and avoid using your broken tooth for biting.

The severity of tooth damage determines what type of dental treatment you will require. If only a small portion of tooth enamel has broken off, you will require just a single visit. On the contrary, if it is damaged badly, you will require a lengthy and costly cosmetic dental procedure. Few techniques to repair broken or chipped tooth are:

Dental filling or bonding

If a small piece of enamel of your tooth has chipped, your cosmetic dentist will use a filling to fix the damage. If the repair is on the front tooth or if it is visible when you open your mouth, then he can use a process referred to as bonding to conceal your repair. Bonding uses a tooth-colored composite resin.

It is a simple dental treatment that does not require desensitizing the affected tooth. In order to bond a tooth, the dentist uses a liquid solution to engrave the tooth and make the composite resin to bond to it. After this, he uses an adhesive substance to apply it to the tooth. He shapes it and applies a light to harden the material so that it can look like a natural tooth.

Dental cap

When a large piece of tooth chips off or the tooth is affected by decay, the dentist will prefer to file the remaining tooth and uses a dental cap or crown to cover it. It will gradually improve the facial appearance and protect the tooth.

Metal crowns are also available. These are the most strongest. Resin or ceramic is fused to metal and metal dental cap is created.

In order to fix your broken tooth problem with dental crown, you need to pay two visits to the dentist’s clinic.

Dental veneers

If you have lost your front tooth, then dental veneers can be the right option. This dental process can give your broken tooth a whole and healthy look. It is a thin shell of porcelain or resin composite substance that covers the front tooth.

The veneer is prepared using an impression of the surface of the front tooth at a laboratory. After this, the dentist will place the veneer on the prepared surface. The dentist will then throw a light to harden the cement.

Root canal dental treatment

If the chipped or broken tooth exposes the pulp, it is better to opt for root canal treatment. If the pulp remains exposed, it can get damaged and diseased. Root canal therapy can remove dead pulp and get a healthier tooth and gum.

Justin E Brown is a fitness trainer and an instructor. He used to run a fitness training center in Massachusetts a year back, but now he is working as a nutritionist at a reputed firm. He specializes in alternative medicines, dietary supplements and oral hygiene. Justin has also been writing on dental treatment options for broken tooth for some online publications. He suggests you contact a dentist in Dublin Ohio ( http://www.dublinmetrodental.com/ ) for a solution for your chipped tooth.

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