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Dental News March 16, 2014

| March 16, 2014
  • Virulent tooth decay in toddlers can be caused by combination of bacterium and fungus
    Early childhood caries, a highly aggressive and painful form of tooth decay that frequently occurs in preschool children, especially from backgrounds of poverty, may result from a nefarious partnership between a bacterium and a fungus, according to a paper published ahead of print in the journal Infection and Immunity.
  • In healthy mouths good fungi keep bad ones in check
    Human mouths contain a balanced mix of microbes which, when disrupted, can lead to oral diseases. A study published on March 13th in PLOS Pathogens compares the bacteria and fungi present in the mouths of healthy individuals with those from patients infected with HIV, and illustrates why oral candidiasis (aka “thrush”) is a common complication of HIV infection.
  • Oral thrush a common complication of HIV ‘because of fungi’
    A new study investigates the role of bacteria and fungi in the human mouth. Researchers from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH, published their findings in the journal PLOS Pathogens.Experts know that organisms that live in our mouths are capable of contributing to both health and disease.
  • Epigenetics and oral health
    A visit to the dentist could one day require a detailed look at how genes in a patient’s body are being switched on or off, as well as examining their pearly whites, according to researchers at the University of Adelaide.

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