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Dental News June 16, 2013

| June 16, 2013
  • The Jaw Is Also A Casualty When Bacterium Causes Gum Disease
    The newly discovered bacterium that causes gum disease delivers a one-two punch by also triggering normally protective proteins in the mouth to actually destroy more bone, a University of Michigan study found. Scientists and oral health care providers have known for decades that bacteria are responsible for periodontitis, or gum disease. Until now, however, they hadn’t identified the bacterium…
  • Genetics-Based Risk Assessment Brings Personalized Preventive Care To Dentistry
    Interleukin Genetics, Inc. (OTCQB: ILIU) have announced the online publication of the research study “Patient Stratification for Preventive Dental Care” in Journal of Dental Research. The study provides new insights into the prevention of periodontitis (gum disease) and the opportunity for significant advancement in the delivery of personalized, preventive dental care…
  • Tooth Enamel May Be Damaged By Early Exposure To Bisphenol A
    Are teeth the latest victims of bisphenol A? Yes, according to the conclusions of work carried out by the research team led by Ariane Berdal of the Universite Paris-Diderot and Sylvie Babajko, Research Director at Inserm Unit 872 “Centre des Cordeliers”. The researchers have shown that the teeth of rats treated with low daily doses of BPA could be damaged by this…

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