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Types of Impression Trays

| May 3, 2013

Dental impression trays are needed for taking imprints of the soft tissues or teeth for making dentures or maxillofacial prosthetics. It comprises of a tray that fits comfortably to the upper or lower gums or teeth. The tray contains a viscous material that covers the dental arch. The material sets to form an elastic mass, which is used for developing the dental cast.

The impression material containing the impression of the dentition is then transferred to a dental laboratory where it is processed. Apart from making dentures, the dental casts are needed for manufacturing crowns, veneers, bridges, mouth guards and abutments for dental implants.

Importance of Impression Trays

Without creating an accurate impression of the dentition, you cannot develop dentures that closely resemble the real teeth and fit comfortably in the gum. Hence, using an appropriate impression tray for taking the imprint of the teeth and soft tissues is a prerequisite for a satisfactory restoration work.

Types of Impression Trays

Stock Trays

Stock trays are widely used for taking the primary impression of the teeth and gum. They are made of plastic or metal. Polystyrene and nylon are usually used for constructing the disposable plastic trays. The reusable metal stock trays, although expensive than the disposable it, produce the better dentition impressions. The rigidity of the metal trays helps to hold the impression material firmly in place, thereby enabling production of a more accurate impression. To take an accurate impression with a stock tray, the teeth should be fitted properly in the middle of the trough of the tray. These trays come in different sizes. Depending upon the size of the dental arch, you can select a large, medium or small impression tray. Impression materials commonly added to the impression trays include silicones, sodium alginate and polyether.

Custom Trays

Custom trays are ideal for complicated denture works. Acrylic and shellac are used for constructing these special trays. Compared with stock trays, it takes a shorter time to capture an impression with a custom tray. They are rigid and adjustable. They can be customized to fit comfortably to the dental arch of the patient. Custom trays can be designed in the dental laboratory or they can be easily manufactured at the chair side. These impression trays can easily adapt to the features of the impression materials. Moreover, a small amount of the impression material is sufficient for taking an accurate impression of the dentition.

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