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Becoming A Dentist

| April 30, 2013

If you want to be a dentist, there is quite the process. One must go to school for it. It is a lot like medical school, but for dental issues. Continuing reading this for the process.

The Beginning Process

As with most career paths, education is paramount to truly building a successful professional life. You are not going to be able to go straight into school. With a lot of hard work and devotion to the field, you will be prepared to start the career in several years. Most professionals start off at a normal four year school.

They need to have a strong knowledge of science before they end up in school. The requirements vary dependent upon school. There are many different schools, so looking into what they require is important. Having a strong academic history from high school and the four year school will make you more appealing to them. It will prove that you have a strong understanding of various sciences such as mathematics, psychology, physics, biology, and chemistry. Look into what the requirements are, as they vary depending on the school.

Extra Experience And Personal Merits

To make a real impression as things become more competitive, you may get a leg up by taking a semester to observe at an office. Being respectful, reliable, and generally kind can lead to the possible letter of recommendation from the dentist that you observed.


There are general professionals and then there are specializations that many practice. These are niches that they spent a significant amount of time taking courses in on top of the regular ones. There are those that practice in pediatrics, cosmetic work, oral pathology, sedation dentists, and more. If there is a part of the dental world that appeals to you most, pick that as your specialization.

Pediatrics obviously deal in working with young children. This could be due to various reasons. Small children fall all of the time or they have other issues that come about. These offices are generally more “fun” to be in for young children. Sedation specialists deal with people that have phobias and anxieties when it comes to getting oral treatment. They make it easier for those people to take care of their teeth without having a traumatic experience.


Most schools make it mandatory to take the DAT. The DAT is the Dental Admission Test. It covers 4 different sections, one of them being optional. The one of them that is optional is the carving portion. That typically takes a half an hour to complete. The non-optional parts to the test are biology and chemistry, PAT, and Reading Comprehension. Biology and chemistry lasts about an hour, as does the PAT part. Fifty minutes is given for the reading comprehension aspect of it all.

The DAT is an integral part of getting board certified.

Becoming a dentist is almost as hard as becoming a medical doctor. There will be a lot of time spent in classes and devoting time to extracurricular activities that are relevant to the goal in mind. Take this information and apply it to the your own personal educational process. There are many aspects to becoming a dental provider. Do not jump into it without doing the appropriate research ahead of time.

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