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Dental News May 10, 2015

| May 10, 2015

Nail biters, beware: Teeth grinding is next Tel Aviv University research finds social anxiety increases the risk of bruxism, tooth erosion, and jaw painAnxiety disorders affect approximately one in six adult Americans, according to the… Treating gum disease reduces prostate symptoms, CWRU researchers find Treating gum disease reduced symptoms of prostate inflammation, called prostatitis, report [...]

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Dental News May 3, 2015

| May 3, 2015

High costs of dental care leave many with too little money for basic necessities Having to pay for dental health care can put a considerable strain on household finances in many countries, according to an international study led by King’s College London.

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Dental News April 26, 2015

| April 26, 2015

Protein Adseverin identified as key factor driving bone loss in osteoinflammatory disease Adseverin, a protein found in the body, has been identified as the key driver behind the bone loss associated with the world’s most common inflammatory disease: gum disease, or periodontitis. Natural reparative capacity of teeth elucidated Researchers at Inserm and Paris Descartes University [...]

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Dental News April 19, 2015

| April 19, 2015

The connection between mouth bacteria and inflammation in heart disease Oral infections are the most common diseases of mankind and are also a key risk factor for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death worldwide. Forsyth study details how gum disease treatment can prevent heart disease Newly published research underscores the important connection [...]

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Dental News April 12, 2015

| April 12, 2015

A novel way to apply drugs to dental plaque Nanoparticles release drugs to reduce tooth decayTherapeutic agents intended to reduce dental plaque and prevent tooth decay are often removed by saliva and the act of swallowing before they can… Oral pain specialists treat complex health issues, according to new survey Andres Pinto, an orofacial pain [...]

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Dental News April 5, 2015

| April 5, 2015

Physicists shed light on geographic tongue Physicists from Israel have shed light on the intricate dynamics underpinning a mysterious tongue condition that has been puzzling the medical community for decades. Treating a common gum condition could reduce risk of heart attacks in kidney disease patients Treating a common gum condition in chronic kidney disease (CKD) [...]

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Dental News March 29, 2015

| March 29, 2015

‘Insufficient evidence’ that natural sweetener xylitol prevents tooth decay A new review of published studies found low-quality evidence that xylitol in toothpaste protects against cavities, and even less quality evidence of it doing so in other products.

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