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Dental Products/Equipment

Types of Impression Trays

Dental impression trays are needed for taking imprints of the soft tissues or teeth for making dentures or maxillofacial prosthetics. It comprises of a tray that fits comfortably to the upper or lower gums or teeth. The tray contains a viscous material that covers the dental arch. The material sets to form an elastic mass, [...]

Dental Handpiece Turbine Repair

Learn how easy it is to repair your own handpiece turbines! Watch this demonstration of the ProPress250 Turbine Repair Press – a great way to save money for your practice and limit downtime.

The Basics To Learn Regarding The Sale Of Dental Instruments

There is a whole career for the people involved in selling dental instruments to dental practitioners. These people have to go through the regular process of describing their products and making strong sales pitches to their target market in order to sell their products just like all other salesmen. The market for dental sales is [...]

Dental Marketing

How-To Design Window Signs For Your Dental Office

Dental offices face an incredible amount of competition. Well-established dental offices don’t have to advertise, as patient referrals and established clients bring in sufficient business. New offices, or ones that are expanding, however, depend on advertising to generate new business. Using traditional advertising venues like the media and billboards can become incredibly-expensive over time. To [...]

Does Your Dental Office Design Pass the Accommodations Test?

Last night I’m walking along on my way to meet friends for dinner when I’m approached by a man in a motorized wheelchair coming up the sidewalk toward me. While I tend to walk to the right side of the sidewalk anyway as a general rule – just like I was driving a car – [...]

When Advertising Dentists Should Choose A Dental Directory That Targets Closely Their Own Location

Today, people would rather go online, than use their cars to search for something. After all, google will get you there faster, with no gas consumption, wear and tear on your car and tires, and the worry of finding parking. Plus the main benefit to most people is the convenience of saving time. Precious time [...]

Patient Care

Straight Teeth Aren’t Just Attractive, They Promote Oral Health

Everyone loves a beautiful smile with perfectly aligned, bright white teeth. In situations from dating to job interviews and more, crooked teeth are known to give you a disadvantage. But gorgeous smiles are not the only benefit of straight, properly spaced teeth. People who have had orthodontic work completed and orthodontic professionals know that strait [...]

Useful Tips For Finding The Best Dentist

Proper oral care is essential for the entire wellbeing of the person. However, we often neglect this as not so important and we don’t go to a dentist to check the state of out teeth. But keeping our teeth healthy will give us a confidence and shiny smile that will open many doors for us [...]

Dental Care For Children: When Should Kids Visit The Dentist?

Many parents know that their children need dental care, but they’re not exactly sure when their kids should have their first visit. If you’re wondering, here’s a quick guide to kids’ dental care and what parents should do to make sure that their kids’ teeth are properly cared for. Good Dental Care Starts At Home [...]

Dental Practice Management

Keep Your Dental Office Investment Well Tuned

I love my car. Yes, it is old and a bit tired, but it has features that I really like and just can’t seem to find in a new model. My little car, for being a convertible has a large cargo capacity which is great for hauling dental office design boards and it gets 40 [...]

The Green Dental Office

The dental office should exude an aura of serenity and comfort. Modern dental offices these days employ natural lighting from the sun, coupled with indirect lighting by way of fluorescent bulbs, which are integrated into walls and ceilings. This lighting combination’s purpose is to – as much as possible – emulate a more serene aura [...]

A Guide To Redesigning A Dental Office

At some point in the course of your practice, you may need to change the layout of your office. For some practitioners, this happens at the early stages of their practice while for others, this reawakening occurs later in life. Nevertheless, there’s a point at which your premises will require some sort of rejuvenation. Because [...]

Dental Jobs

Becoming A Dentist

If you want to be a dentist, there is quite the process. One must go to school for it. It is a lot like medical school, but for dental issues. Continuing reading this for the process. The Beginning Process As with most career paths, education is paramount to truly building a successful professional life. You [...]

Training To Be A Dental Assistant In Tempe Arizona

The career of a dental assistant is vital to any dentist office in functioning on a normal day to day basis. These dental assistants are there to help the dentist and hygienist with anything that they may need. Some typical office duties may include prepping the area in which patients are received where they will [...]

Career Prospects And Role Of A Family Dentist

It’s important to make sure you take care of your teeth. One of the best ways to take of your teeth is to have a knowledgeable, skilled family dentist. Not every family dentist is the same, so it’s important to take the time to make sure you select one who will meet the needs of [...]

Current News

Dental News October 16, 2016

Stem cell manipulation shows promise for cartilage renewal and joint repair Mouse study furthers idea that manipulating resident stem cells could help patients with TMJ disorders and other fibrocartilage diseases or injuries.

Dental News October 9, 2016

New imaging method could enable dentists to detect and heal tooth cavities much earlier Dental caries – tooth decay – is the most prevalent dental disease among children and adults around the world.

Dental News October 2, 2016

Professor unveils first data on new dental fillings that will repair tooth decay The first data on dental fillings that can actively repair tooth decay is presented by Professor Robert Hill.

Other Recent Posts

Indiana Dental Association Endorses Plan Forward

| July 30, 2021

Plan Forward’s dental membership solution increases cash flow into practices by combining their easy-to-use software with a guided approach and proven results. [PR.com] Go to Source

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New Mexico Dental Institute Launches Dental Assistant Program

| July 29, 2021

Dental Assistant and Dental Administrative Assistant Programs offered across New Mexico to include Rio Rancho and Socorro. [PR.com] Go to Source

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Dental Industry Execs Form New Dental Partnership Organization

| June 30, 2021

Dental industry executives Cameron Elrod and Dan Redifer have co-founded the Equishared Dental Group. Similar in approach to a traditional dental service organization (DSO), Equishared is positioned as a dental partnership organization (DPO). [PR.com] Go to Source

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